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Come Close To MeMP3

The noise of all the people passing by
There's something in their hearts beyond this sky
But, how will I know, where will I go from here?
Dear, won't you take my hand?

I want to see what you're seeing
I want to feel your heart close to mine
Tell me that I'm not just dreaming
Come close to me, come close to me

Show me the world in a bowl of crystal in the sun
You are the only one who can
Lead me to the stars, to a place where nothing ends in vain
A place where time and love won't leave me behind

title & lyrics by mimina
music by aokimasato
作詞 mimina
作曲 あおきまさと

21世紀クラシクス / 世界ブルー

Come Close To Me
  • vocal & chorus, piano, keyboards : あおきまさと
  • recording & mixing : あおきまさと