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Wonderful Secret

Hey, let me tell you something, darling
Something that I've never said before
A wonderful secret

See how the birds are singing sweetly
How the trees are swaying happily
This beautiful morning

① I, I know that I'm kinda shy, but this much I can say
When you are with me
When I'm holding your hand in mine

② I, I hope that you understand, what you mean to me
And I'll have to admit
That you love me a lot, (darling)
But I really think I love you more

Yes, let us take a walk in the evening
There's something I just have to tell you
A wonderful secret

Here, take my hand and come closer
Look into my eyes and listen to me
Very carefully

~ ① ② ~

I, I know that I make you cry, every now and then
But I never mean to
And I will make it up to you

I, I may not be the perfect man, the world has to give
But the truth of it is
That you love me a lot
But I really think I love you more

title & lyrics by mimina
music by aokimasato
作詞 mimina
作曲 あおきまさと

Come Close To Me / 世界ブルー

Wonderful Secret
Come Close To Me