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Have you ever wondered why
About the clouds floating in the sky
Traveling in a speed so different from ours?
And how life is so magical
That you met me and I met you
To make and share our lag of time?

So very young and ignorant.
So many dreams and illusions.
This world could be a gust of swirling wind.
And when you sleep on the grass
Looking at the cloudy sky
We're two lonely hearts on a spinning ball.

'Round and 'round goes the merry-go-round,
Hiding the sun and finding the moon.
Passing days of seasons could turn you inside out.
But I'll be there on a horseback
Riding through the walls of time
To come to you and hold you tight.

Waking up to a dream-come-true
Is how it is when I'm looking at you.
Happiness is so immeasurable to me.
So many mountains I've never climbed.
So many oceans I've never crossed.
They 're yet to come before our eyes.

'Round and 'round goes the merry-go-round
Finding the sun and hiding the moon.
Passing days of seasons could turn you upside down.
But you'll there in the chariot
Riding through the walls of time
'Till I take you away and hold you tight.

title & lyrics by mimina
music by aokimasato
作詞 mimina
作曲 あおきまさと

Come Close To Me / 世界ブルー

Come Close To Me