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Truly, Madly My Missing Piece

The hands of time had been so cruel to both of us
That we had to be apart
But what silly fate, for we could never be apart.
People say that nobody knows what will come
But somehow I knew and you knew
That our time will come.

You are always far away
But at the end of the day
You'd come back to me to find the love
No one has given you before
Because, darling, all along,
You were truly, madly, my missing piece.

Do you remember how we used to talk about
The things that we'd become
And how we'd share the beauty of this world?
Well, but we both know now that life is full of fakes and lies
And that beauty lies
In you and I, so much in love.

Don't let there be another lonely night
Without you by my side
Let the heaven know, I'd give my all
To never ever let you go
Because, darling, don't you know
You are truly, madly my missing piece.

title & lyrics by mimina
music by aokimasato
作詞 mimina
作曲 あおきまさと

Come Close To Me / 世界ブルー

Truly, Madly My Missing Piece
Come Close To Me