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The Broken Hearted Ones

① Even if I can see
That you don't belong to me
That's just meant to be
'Cause Life is just a dream

② Even if it's not me
Who'll love you eternally
That's just meant to be
Life is just a dream

You came into my world
Carrying a basket full of love and tenderness
I fell in love with you

We had some good times And when I needed someone's hand to hold on to
You were the one I'd reach out for

③ The day, when I saw you kissing someone else
I had to run and hide and break down and cry
What could do? What could I do?

④ Love is to love the one whom your love loves
You told me once, and that's how much I love you
That's all I could do, that's all I could do.

~ ① ② ~

Ah beautiful you,
I can't keep my eyes off of your smile
Ah I still love you,
How my heart breaks to see your smile

~ ③ ④ ~
~ ① ② ~ ×2

What could I do, I'm broken-hearted
That's all I could do, I'm broken-hearted

title & lyrics by mimina
music by aokimasato
作詞 mimina
作曲 あおきまさと

Come Close To Me / 世界ブルー

The Broken Hearted Ones
Come Close To Me