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Everytime, You Say You Go

When you said good-bye, I also said good-bye to myself.
What am I to you, to me, to the whole world?
Longing for the remaining sweetness in my bed...

"I gotta go before I fall into a hole."
That's what you said on the other side of the phone.
I wouldn't let you go with my love...

But the sun is shining through you,
And I've got nothing to fear, no,
Always together, for ever and ever,
'Cause you are a part of me, and I, apart of you.

The story won't end,
And I'm just not gonna make you my history,
Oh no, much more than you know,
I found the truth in you.

Every song that I sing for you,
I'm feeling so much love that I give to you, hey, Yeah.

Everytime you go so far away I feel so afraid,
But you can only go so far before you come back to me...

lyrics by mimina
title & music by aokimasato
作詞 mimina
作曲 あおきまさと

Come Close To Me / 世界ブルー

Everytime, You Say You Go
Come Close To Me