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  3. 爪跡(See Through You)

爪跡(See Through You)

So many Dives. Don't make a lot of hickeys. I know you are so sweet.
Come on babe Come on whenever you want.
I am going to You, to your soul, into your love Go Go!

Don't be so shy. We are one. So, don't be shy, right? Hum hum? tu tu ga tu.
I know where I should go & let you go.
But, life is so fast.
Hey, lay down right now. NOW!!

Why don't you make me, make love with you?
Why don't you have good satisfaction?
Why don't you love everything in this world? Yeah.

When we met tight, incredible night,
as if you would like to change your life.
Could I be somebody for your place, on the pillow.
Now, I don't have any confidence whether you need me.

Maybe, I am down before you leave.
Maybe, you are high after me.

Whatever, I song for you all the time.
Love is what. I am thinking around as a bird fly free.
I don't care whether you are here or not,
I still appreciate to you, and for ever.

title by mimina
lyrics & music by aokimasato
題名 mimina
作詞 あおきまさと
作曲 あおきまさと

あの夏のエバー・ラスティング / 世界ブルー

爪跡(See Through You)