Pick Up!! 最近の一言

Hello, everyone. From here, a new song is released every week. This week's pick up song is 「Anymore」. There's no stopping me now with the marimba, piano, and bass! This one is an ambitious piece. 「The Rain Game -A Suite-」. There's an ephemeral calmness in the sky right after the end of the rainy season is announced. There's a big relief. I expressed the motions of the sky, light, and water in the melody. How about 「Success Story」?. A pop and comical song about making love. Little bit of psychedelic and a whole lot of sensuality.

Sekai Blueは毎週1曲ずつ新曲(フルサイズ音源)を配信しています。。エネルギーの質をお愉しみください。2018.9.23

Real!! コミュニケーション

Every Tuesday Night, aokimasato should be here, SinRumbo at Yotsuya, TOKYO. Have a real communication with Tango Music.


Single Release!! シングルリリース

sekaiblue 世界ブルー
Piano Folk Sounds『Sen;Sai
from a song-making-trip to Okinawa 『Aoi Machi (Blue City)
Neo-Japanese sound, here. 『High Color Era in Japan
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aokimasato あおきまさと
Too Much Loose Pops『A Newcomer's Reality
ゆるすぎる自虐ポップス『新入社員の呟き 下半期』全6曲配信中
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Sekai Pink 世界ピンク
a joyful world of friendly music『Pee Traps
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New!! 最新情報